Cash back

What is the cash back status?

Your order via cash back can have different statuses:

  • - Recorded (hourglass): Your order has been registered at the partner shop and awaits final confirmation. This may take several weeks.
  • - Confirmed (green check): We received the money from the partner shop. You may now redeem your available earnings.
  • - Rejected (red cross): Your cash back has been refused by the partner shop. If you have met the conditions for cash back and you think the rejection is unjustified, please send an email to our support team.

After my order the cash back was increased. Will I get the difference refunded?

No, the respective cash back rate of your purchase applies. We hope you have more luck next time.

Why didn't I get my cash back / Why was it rejected?

Perhaps you can't receive cash back or the partner shop refuses orders. This will happen if:
- you used gift cards that were not listed on GiftPanda
- you participated in bonus campaigns, e.g. "friends recruit friends" or the like
- you split orders to get more cash back
- you combined gift cards from Dailydeal, Groupon or other gift card portals with cash back
- you didn't make the order completely online
- you changed your order by telephone or have placed a new order
- the order has been canceled
- you returned your purchase partially or completely
- you violated the conditions of the online shop
- you ordered from a partner shop that is bankrupt
If you have met the conditions for cash back and you think the rejection is unjustified, please send an email to our support team.

I forgot to log in to GiftPanda for an order. Can I still get my cash back?

No, subsequent cash back is not possible. You only receive cash back on orders made directly through GiftPanda. Otherwise, we cannot track your order.

Can I use gift cards in combination with GiftPanda's cash back?

Gift cards through GiftPanda can always be combined with cash back. If you use gift cards that are not listed on the page of our partners, you will normally not be allowed to claim cash back.
There are always exceptions, such as when official gift cards of our partners can be combined with cash back. However, you should consider whether using these is worthwhile for you.
If you have used external gift cards for your order and your cash back was rejected, the gift card was the reason for the rejection. The commission (your cash back) has already been paid to another website operator, not to us. In this case, you cannot earn cash back with us.

The link to the shop does not work, what should I do?

If there are problems when being redirected to the shop, you can try again a few minutes later.
Please make sure your internet connection is working properly. If the link still does not redirect you correctly, please contact our support team. A staff member will take care of the problem as soon as possible.

How much cash back do I get?

Every partner at GiftPanda has its own cash back rates and gift cards. You will always find current rates and gift cards on the page of the respective partner shop.
In general, there are two different types:
- Cash back rates on a percentage base always refer to the net merchandise value. I.e. cash back is calculated as the invoice amount minus delivery charges, gift cards, and VAT. No cash back is paid on services such as express delivery, payment fees or the disposal of waste electrical equipment.
- In the case of fixed cash back rates, the merchandise value is irrelevant. For example: A travel provider pays 100€ cash back for a holiday package. It doesn't matter whether the trip costs 1,000€ or 500€, the partner will definitely pay 100€ cash back.
All gift cards listed at GiftPanda can be used for our cash back offers. If you use gift cards that are not listed at GiftPanda, your cash back from the partner will most likely be canceled.

Earnings & Purchases

Where can I see all the offers I have completed?

Use the main menu in the top left corner to navigate to the "Reward" area. There you'll find all the earnings from listed offers that you have completed.

What does “Pending Earnings” mean?

Pending Earnings” means that you earned coins, but validation (e.g. by our partner) hasn’t yet been met. When all conditions are met, the status changes from "pending" (hourglass) to "confirmed" (green check).

My order has been fulfilled / paid, when will I get my cash back?

Of course, the payment of the ordered goods is an essential factor for cash back to be paid at all. But it hardly affects the average processing time of partners' shops. For the majority of our partners, it takes an average of 3 months until cash back will be available.
You can also see how long a partner needs to pay the cash back before your order is placed. On the corresponding merchant page, in their statistics, click on the "Pay inbox" and you will see the average values from the last months.

My purchase is not displayed in my account. What should I do?

It always takes at least half an hour for an order to appear in your account. Other shops (e.g. eBay) need a few days - and exceptions are given on their website. If one of your purchases is not displayed in your GiftPanda account after this time, we can investigate the reason for this. Please be sure to send an email to our support team.

Why does it take so long to get my cash back from travel bookings?

Companies that offer travels, flights and car rentals often start to check your booking after you have started the trip. By doing this, they protect themyselves from possible cancellations (travel cancellation insurance, etc.) Especially hotel bookings are not paid if the booking was not carried out ("no show"). In general, it takes a bit longer to get the cash back in the travel industry.
Travel providers distribute cash back in different ways:
- Some travel providers confirm the booking with 0€ cash back in the beginning and then correct the amount after you have started your trip.
- Other travel agencies confirm the cash back as soon as you make your booking, but will only pay after you have started your trip.
As a rule, cash back is recorded regularly and confirmed some time after you have started your trip.
If you've been waiting too long for your cash back and none of these points apply, please contact our support team.

Why are my earnings checked?

For App Discovery, we will check if you have met all the conditions and have not committed any misuse of your account before the amount is confirmed (green check).
For cash back, the partner shop will check whether they will pay cash back for your purchase and make sure that no abuse has occurred during the payment of your cash back. They also want to avert any cancellations, returns, fake accounts, etc.

How long does it take until earnings are visible in my account?

In general, your earnings appear after a few minutes in the history of your earnings. But sometimes our servers need more time to credit earnings to your account.

The delay between completing an offer and coins being credited depends on the offer type you have chosen:
- App Discovery: It may take a few minutes or several days.
- Cash back: Usually it takes 10-12 weeks.

But don't worry: As soon as coins appear in your earnings history, they are correctly linked to your account and credited as soon as we can ensure that you have fulfilled all the conditions.

Shops and / or industries where it takes more time:

Travel and hotel bookings
Tour operators will not complete your booking until you have actually started your trip. Thus, 2-3 months may pass before you receive this payment in your account. But this is not always the case. Most partner shops pay relatively promptly.

Energy providers, insurance companies and finance companies
Here, the review may take up to 6 months or longer until you receive payment. The beginning of the contract is decisive, but not the day of its conclusion. Payments generally account for high amounts of money, and for this reason our partners absolutely want to protect themselves against account abuse.

Telephone and DSL
Cash back for telephone and DSL contracts can also take at least four months until the payment will be credited- perhaps even longer. The confirmation always depends on the beginning of the contract. As we mentioned, partners have to protect themselves against fraud and abuse due to the high amounts of money.

Newspapers and Magazines
Regarding subscriptions for periodicals it takes about 3-4 months for the partner to confirm the cash back. The moment that the delivery begins is crucial for payment. However, for some magazines it may also take 6 months or more.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, payment delays may also occur. If this is the case, or if you're worried about your cash back, please send a message to our support team. We will immediately contact the partner and try to find a quick solution for you.

How long does GiftPanda keep my money after receiving it?

After we have received cash back from the partner, the status in your earnings will change to "confirmed" (green check). The amount has been credited to your account and you can immediately withdraw your earnings through our various reward types if you have reached the payout minimum..

What should I do if the cash back amount for my purchase is incorrect?

Unfortunately orders can sometimes be recorded in your account with a different amount of cash back. We do not always know what exactly you have ordered and we do not keep record of any customer data, etc. Please send an email to our support team. Please note that the percentage of cash back always refers to the net merchandise value (minus VAT, gift cards, shipping, etc.).

Exceptions: Some shops record orders with a preliminary cash back amount and adjust the amount after a certain time. If this is the case, this will be noted on the website of the corresponding shop.

EBay: Orders will appear in your account after 1-7 days. At first the merchant fee is displayed as € 0 cash back. However, after 3-5 weeks the amount of cash back will be displayed, too.


Why can't I withdraw the money from my cash back?

In order to redeem cash back, you need to have collected at least 2,500 coins before you may choose a payout option.

Due to technical disruptions, sometimes withdrawals may not be possible. In this case, please wait a few minutes and try again later.

Since not all rewards are available to all users worldwide, you may not be able to collect cash back with certain rewards. In this case, please exchange your coins for a different reward.

What kind of payment options I can choose?

If you go to the "Rewards" section located on the main menu at the top left corner, you will see all possible payout options. You can either create a goal from a reward or choose a reward directly. GiftPanda offers various options to redeem your coins:
- Cash via PayPal
- Gift cards (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, etc.)
- Mobile recharge
- Bitcoins
- and much more.
After requesting a reward, you can no longer change the requested reward. Be sure to choose the option you really would like to redeem.

If you have requested a PayPal payout, you must enter the address of your PayPal account. Please make sure that the PayPal account is 100% activated and verified to accept incoming payments. Gift cards are sent to the email address associated with your GiftPanda account.

To avoid fraud, the limit is set for 1 payout within 24 hours.

Some reward types are not available to all users worldwide. If one reward option does not work, simply select another reward to redeem your coins.

When will I receive my cash back?

At GiftPanda, you'll find all of your earnings listed in the "Rewards" area. If you've collected at least 2,500 coins, you can request a payout. In general, digital products are processed and paid out immediately. However, the withdrawal process may be delayed by a few days for technical reasons.

Invite Friends

How do I invite friends?

To easily share GiftPanda with your friends, select "Friends" on the main menu. You can choose from a list of contact options (Email, SMS, Facebook, etc.) and invite friends to GiftPanda with your invitation code.

What is the referral code used for?

If a new GiftPanda user enters your referral code during registration, he or she will get listed as your "referral". Your bonus will be 10% of any coins the new user earns and 5% of all users he / she successfully invited. Additionally, the invited user will receive a +50% earning bonus for their first 1000 coins (= 500 coins bonus).

Where can I find my referral code?

Use the main menu in the upper right corner and click on "Invite friends". There, you'll find your personal referral code.

Where can I see all the friends that used my invite code and view my resulting earnings?

Use the main menu in the top left corner to navigate to “Referrals”. The referrals page has a list of all the friends that used your invite code for GiftPanda and displays your resulting earnings (10% of what your referrals earned and 5% of their referrals' earnings).

Additional Questions

Can I register for more than one GiftPanda account?

Yes, if you have different email addresses. But you are not allowed to:
- Register various accounts with different personal data
- Perform fraud or misuse with your account
- Behave in any way that causes harm to the associated partner store(s)

How does GiftPanda earn money?

GiftPanda provides various types of services that allow you to make money, including:
- Downloading apps
- Participating in surveys
- Playing games
- Enjoying cash back offers from partner shops
It's important that you always redeem offers using GiftPanda, if not, we won't be able to track them and you won't receive any rewards.

You can easily set your favorite payout as your goal. Once you have collected enough coins, you can cash out using our various reward types:
- Cash via PayPal
- Gift Cards (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, etc.)
- Mobile recharge
- Bitcoins
- and much more.

What are the technical requirements to use GiftPanda?

There are some requirements for the use of GiftPanda. Generally prohibited is:
- Use of emulators
- Use of different proxy servers
- Manipulation of your mobile device detection

For cash back, the use of cookies is very important. Cookies receive all information relevant to your cash back and are necessary for the online shop to classify where the order came from. The following is important:

- Your browser must allow cookies.
- Before logging in to GiftPanda, you need to delete all your cookies.
- You must not have activated an ad blocker.

When being redirected to the partner shop via GiftPanda, do not visit any other websites until you have finished shopping. Other websites (e.g. sites that compare prices and voucher pages) work with the same technology as GiftPanda. The difference is that we will pass the commission on to you as cash back. If you visit other pages during your ordering process, it is very likely that these other pages will set a cookie. Your cash back will then be lost and the commission goes to another website and not to GiftPanda.

Despite all the precautionary measures, technical problems can always occur. In such cases, please contact our support team via email.

Why are cookies important?

As you already know, you are making a purchase online via GiftPanda, i.e. you order the goods and then receive them. This is the procedure between you and the online shop.
GiftPanda works as affiliate partner of these online shops. Cookies are used to enable the online shop to determine which website the order comes from. They will receive all of the relevant information for your cash back. Thus, it is important that your browser allows cookies.

Because other websites can also be affiliate partners, it is important that no foreign cookie creeps in if you want to receive your cash back. Thus, you need to delete the cookies of a shop before you order via GiftPanda. In the meantime, please do not visit other websites. Otherwise, you probably won't get the cash back.

How do I change the settings?

Account settings / Address
If you click "Settings" in the top left area you can change the personal data of your GiftPanda account.

For each payout you can select the method for redeeming your coins. You can choose between:

- Cash via PayPal
- Gift cards (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, etc.)
- Mobile recharge
- Bitcoins
- and much more.
After confirming your desired method of payment, you can no longer change it.

Can I contact the partner shop for questions about cash back?

No, this is not possible and our partners will consider it spam!

Partner shops work with affiliate networks, agencies, and website operators such as GiftPanda to pay cash back to customers. All questions regarding cash back must be sent directly to us. Only we have the correct information about your orders and your account, therefore only we can answer your questions correctly on behalf of the partner shop. Direct inquiries from our users to a dealer are not desired and may cause problems.

If you have any questions concerning your cash back, please contact our support team. You will receive an answer as soon as possible. Please note that there is limited support on weekends and holidays.

I forgot my username / password. What should I do?

Open GiftPanda and click "Login". There you can select "Forgot password" and contact our support team. They will send you an email to recover your password.

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your GiftPanda account, please write an email to our support team. We will delete your account for you.

Why can't I register for GiftPanda with my email?

You need a valid e-mail address, Google+, orFacebook account to register for GiftPanda. Please make sure that you spell your e-mail address correctly when registering.
If you have already created an account with this email address, you cannot create a new account with the same one.
It is not possible to register with GiftPanda with "disposable" or "fake" email addresses. You should always log in with your real email, as we communicate all important news about your purchases and cash back payments via email.
If your registration issue was not resolved by any of the reasons listed above, please contact our support team.

Why do I need to provide my address details?

In order to recieve money, you must enter your address data in your GiftPanda account, such as street and house number, postal code, city and state.
On the one hand, we need this information to prevent fraud. On the other hand, it serves as a verification for who is receiving the money.

Why is my account blocked?

Please act appropriately, following our Terms of Use, and do not violate them with the following behavior:

- Use of different proxy servers to hide your identity
- Use of emulators like BlueStacks to simulate multiple devices
- Manipulation of your device identification to mislead the identification process
- Abuse of your invitation code
- Other violations of our Terms and Conditions

How can I contact GiftPanda?

Just send an email to our support team: giftpanda@ayetstudios.com .

How does GiftPanda's Cash back work?

Cash back means that a customer (you) will be redirected by an mediator (us) to a partner shop (Zalando, H&M, etc.) and that the customer will make a purchase there. The partner shop pays a commission to the mediator and we pay the commission to the customer. We make money by bonus payments of the partners we can negotiate thanks to the great number of mediated clients.

This is how it works: You log in with your GiftPanda account. In our section "Cash back" you will find various offers for the shops. Now you only have to go to the website of the partner shop using the link "Go to the shop and earn cash back". There you make a regular purchase. After a processing time of 8-10 weeks, we receive the commission and pay your cash back directly to you.

Trading data is not part of our business model, so you don't have to worry about your personal data.

How can I minimize the risk of not getting cash back?

In about 95% of all cases, the purchase via GiftPanda is successful. You log into GiftPanda, click the link for the offer of your choice and then make a purchase there.

5% of all problems occur because:
- you don't allow cookies, JavaScript, pop-ups and external images
- you didn't delete cookies before your purchase
- you opened several browser windows or tabs at the same time (even if you are looking for a price on other sites, for example)
- you didn't make the order online via GiftPanda
- you split orders to get more cash back or to use multiple gift cards
- you used gift cards that were not listed on GiftPanda
- you violated our General Terms and Conditions
- you made use of other bonuses, such as "friends recruit friends", Payback, etc.
- you made use of your right to return the product
- your transactions were rejected or not tracked automatically
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Is GiftPanda free?

The use of GiftPanda is completely for free. This does not affect any payment obligations for the user regarding purchases, orders or subscriptions at partner companies of the provider.

Will I pay more for my purchases because of cash back?

Definitely not! You pay exactly the same amount as every other customer pays at the shops. However, a part of your expenses will be returned to your account as cash back. With GiftPanda, you don't receive any kind of bonuses or collect points. You can redeem your savings in various ways, e.g. PayPal, gift cards, mobile recharge, and much more.

I didn't find a shop that I like in GiftPanda. Where can I submit my suggestion?

Just send your suggestion by email to our support team: giftpanda@ayetstudios.com

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